Terms and Conditions
Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

latest version (March 28, 2022)

Thanks for your trust in the site “Hotelsgo.co” in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

"Hotels Go" website specializes in booking hotels all over the world,  through service suppliers with a high degree of professionalism and spread all over the world.

We offer the website's services in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

  1.  Definitions
    • In this agreement unless otherwise required by the context, the following terms shall have the meanings referred to.
    • Hotels Gorefers to the website Hotelsgo.co and Hotels Go Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    • refers to each person who visit or uses the site.
    • refers to the person who requests to book hotels through the website, or searches for or inquires about various destinations through us.
    • refers to hotels available for booking through the website according to the days and times of booking available by the service supplier.
    • refers to hotel booking services available through the website according to available mechanisms and appointments, and in
    • availability for booking in general.
    • refers to hotel suppliers contracted with the website for the purposes of providing hotel booking around the world.
    • refers to this document as well as the terms and conditions contained herein and privacy policy.
  2. Descriptions of Services
    • Hotels Go website provides the services of searching for hotels available around the world, and searching for available booking appointments while determining the number of accompanying individuals, through Online website in cooperation with a service supplier specializes in supplying hotels to our clients.
    • The website allows the client to pay online through the website, which is a secure payment method that suits all our users.
    • The website provides reservation cancellation services in accordance with the website's cancellation policy approved by the website within these terms and conditions.
  3.  Introductory Provisions
    • This agreement shall be deemed to be the entire and final agreement between the site “Hotels Go” on one hand and any person visiting or using the site or any of its features or advantages on the other hand.
    • The description of the services and the subsequent pages of the site prepared by the site “Hotels Go” shall form an integral part of this agreement.
    • The amendments of this agreement shall have the same legal provision and effect of this agreement.
    • If you wish to terminate this agreement, at any time you can do so by no longer accessing or using our Services, after settling any financial dues.
    • You know of and agree on the exemption of the site “Hotels Go” from any liability arising from the acts of third parties. Whether he is a user or service supplier etc.
  4. Availability of Services
    • The site always attempts to make available its electronic services in the ideal way and uses in this regard all the tools, equipment, devices, programs and the means of protection necessary for making available the services in addition to taking all the necessary legal procedures.
    • The site doesn’t guarantee that the services or part of them work on all computers or mobile phone. Also, for the devices on which the site works, there might be a delay or breakdowns due to a breakdown in the internet. Consequently, you exempt us from liability therefore.
    • We may at anytime conduct modifications or improvements we consider appropriate and necessary for increasing the efficiency of the site or the services. The user shall be bound with any directions or instructions provided by the site to him in this regard.
    • We shall be entitled at any time to cancel all or some of the services we provide.
  5.  Capacity and Consent
    • You declare that you have the legal capacity necessary for concluding and accepting this agreement.
    • With your use of the services of “Hotels Go” you agree on this agreement and you declare are that you are legally bound by the terms and conditions provided for in this document or its amendments.
  6.  Policy
    • The client knows and acknowledges that the services he receives via the site are done by service suppliers without any intervention by the site “Hotels Go”.
    • The client shall be bound not to communicate with the service supplier or give orders to him outside the framework applied within the site. In case of the breach
    • by him of this obligation, the site shall be entitled to permanently or temporarily suspend his use of the site as well as reserving all our other legal rights.
    • The services shall be provided to the client according to the publicized programs. As a result, the site shall not incur any legal liability in case the hotels doesn’t satisfy the wishes or desires of the client. Also, the site shall not be required to make available any additional characteristics or advantages not publicized.
    • The client shall be bound to access to the appointments, times and places of booking through the website, and the website does not bear the responsibility for the client's error in choosing the booking.
    • The client shall be bound to pay the services and products received by him from the hotels and the client shall legally liable in case of non-payment.
    • The client shall be bound to disclose any data necessary for the performance of the trips, activities or services and also he shall be bound to deliver any government papers or documents to the hotel in implementation of any required administration or government procedures.
    • We might ask you at any time in relation to more of identification process including the client’s full name, address in detail, mobile phone No and other information we consider necessary for the completion of the book transaction.
    • The client shall be bound to follow all the instructions issued by the hotels and also he shall be bound to follow all the instructions, regulations and applicable laws in respect with visits and places that we are entered.
    • The client shall be bound to keep calm during the stay in the hotel and not to cause annoyance or disturbance to the supervisors or the other clients. Also, he shall be bound not to utter any immoral words or to do acts by him or his companions as well as observing public morals.
    • In case of the refusal by the client of the receipt of the room at the delivery date, the client shall be actually and legally considered to have received the services at this delivery date.
    • The client shall receive all the services publicized via the site under his personal liability and he shall be bound to follow all the policies and instructions issued by the hotel and by the agreement concluded between him and the hotel.
    • The client shall buy all the services offered via the site in accordance with the hotels and service suppliers policies and shall be bound to follow the policies of using the hotels.
    • The client shall relieve the site of the legal liability for any personal actions done by the hotels and the prejudiced party has to take all the legal procedures without having recourse against the site anyway.
    • The client shall be bound that his review of the service provided by the hotels doesn’t involve any insult or bad names and that the criticism or review is within the limits legally permitted.
    • The client shall be bound by the provisions of laws, decrees and systems in force.
    • The client knows and declares that we aren’t an employer and don’t have a monitoring or supervisory authority over the hotels and that they are completely independent in their work.
    • The client declares that we don’t represent him against third parties and we aren’t considered to be his agent and he is personally liable to the hotels in case of breach of the terms and conditions provided for in this agreement or in case of breach of the legal texts and provisions in force inside the state whose law and judiciary have jurisdiction to resolve the dispute that might arise between the client and the hotel.
    • The client shall be bound not to give ostensible or untrue orders for booking and shall incur the legal liability to the service suppliers in case of not complying with the booking orders submitted by him via the site.
    • The client shall be bound not to agree with hotels on submitting ostensible booking orders for purpose of the benefit by the hotels from the review of the client.
    • The client shall relieve us of the legal liability for any damages arising from the services, trips, activities received by him through the hotels and the client shall not be entitled be have recourse against us anyway because the site doesn’t interfere or contribute to the work of the hotels.
    • In all cases, the client shall be bound to treat the hotel employees in a good way.
  7.  Booking and Cancellation Policy
    • The client can book the service via the site through entering the page devoted to the service and having access to all its details and conditions and therefore determining the day and number of persons then checking in through paying the trip price according to the payment policy approved by us.
    • For each service booked and confirmed, You will be provided with a cancellation or amendment deadline along with any cancellation charges that will apply if cancelled or amended after the Deadline.
    • To avoid cancellation or amendment penalties, such confirmed service should be cancelled or amended prior to the date and time specified in the cancellation and amendment deadline.
    • Bookings cancelled or amended after the cancellation and amendment deadline and before the check-in date will be automatically invoiced with the cancellation or amendment charges.
    • No show by the client at the accommodation establishment without prior warning shall be considered a cancellation. There shall be no refunds applicable in the case of no shows.
    • In case that the booking request is cancelled, the site will refund the amounts paid from the client, however, the refund may require some time depending on the type of credit card, country and currency of the client.
    • The site might at anytime modify the booking and cancellation policy. Thus, The client has to have access to this policy every time he orders our services.
  8.  Payment Policy Policy
    • The site shall accept the electronic payment through a payment method secured by the provider of electronic payment service.
    • The price of trips, activities and services shall be paid via the site in the payment methods approved by us (Visa, Master Card).
    • Unless otherwise specified all rates quoted are net and non-commissionable, inclusive of all taxes and service charges except any city taxes, resort fee or other charges directly payable at the hotel by the clients.
    • You must pay the invoices in the specified currency via the site. In case You are desirous of settling invoices in a different currency, we may allow so only at our discretion at an exchange rate determined by Us.
    • The site doesn’t agree to incur the consequence of any mistake related to the payment process done by the client. Also, it doesn’t incur the consequence any hacking act or deception connected with credit cards or the bank accounts of the client.
    • The client and shall incur all the banking fees connected with the transfer of funds.
    • The site might at anytime modify the payment policy. Thus, The client has to have access to this policy every time he orders our services.
  9.  Review Policy Policy
    • The client shall be enabled to carry out review of the services and the client undertakes not to abuse this right and that the reviews are true and expressing the performance of the service.
    • The client shall be bound that his review of the service provided by the service supplier doesn’t involve any insult or bad names and that the criticism or review is within the limits legally permitted.
    • Hotels Go website reserves the right to delete the comments that violate the provisions of this agreement while reserving all our legal rights and compensation.
    • Any person or entity affected by the comments provided by the client reserves all his \ its rights to appropriate compensations with all legal and judicial claims.
  10.  Conditions of Using Site
    • It shall be stipulated that the user registers in the site in his true name and not in an alias, untrue or misleading names.
    • The services of the site are available all over the world and you declare and agree that you are bound by all the terms and conditions provided for in this agreement regardless of the state to which you belong or through which you enter into the site or on whose territory the services of the site are received.
    • You promise the instructions of the site in relation to your account including the methods of using the account or the additional services as well as all precautions of use.
    • You promise to make available the information and documents necessary and which is required by the site from you at any time whether during the provision of services to you.
    • The user undertakes to precisely enter the information required to be entered in the site and he shall be responsible for regularly reviewing this information for the purpose of correcting, modifying or renewing it as long as you have  new information regarding this and you are required to keep all the data and documents proving that.
    • In case you have provided incorrect, unprecise, non-synchronized, or incomplete information or in case we have reasonable reasons to suspect that this information is incorrect, unprecise, non-synchronized, in complete or inconsistent with this agreement of use and without prejudice to any other rights under this agreement or the law, we will suspend or cancel your membership.
    • The user undertakes that he is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information in his account such as the user name and password and that he is responsible for any disclosure to third parties in relation to this information. Also, he is responsible for any use done by any person to whom he disclosed this confidential information.
    • The user undertakes to report immediately in case of penetrating the account or its theft as well as discovering any illegal use of this account in the site in order for us to be able to take the technical actions necessary for maintaining the account.
  11. Intellectual Property Rights
    • “Hotels Go” and logos connected with it shall be our trademarks and/or our services marks.
    • All the contents included or available within the services of the site “Hotels Go” such as (texts, logos, pictures, graphs, voice, recordings, icon buttons, digital contents, materials that are uploaded, software and collection of data) shall be the property of the site and shall be protected by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia laws and the international copyrights laws.
    • Any imitation or plagiarism of the site or some of its services (including ideas, texts, symbols and software) shall be deemed to be a violation of our copyrights for which we will take all the legal procedures against the perpetrator of the said violations.
    • Reproduction of trademarks or commercial designs of the site “Hotels Go” in any media or advertising means shall be prohibited without a written permission from us.
  12. Prohibitions
    • You shall be prohibited as a user to publish any links of another application or websites within the site or involving software or viruses or aiming at any deception or online hacking.
    • You shall be prohibited in any way to intervene the working method of the site or to publicize in any way that you represent us contrary to reality.
    • You shall be prohibited to reproduce or make typical copy of this site, copy, sell, resell any part of it or use it in a different way for purposes of commercial or non- commercial exploitation of it without having an express written consent by the site “Hotels Go”.
    • You shall be prohibited to use the site “Hotels Go” or any service provided via it in an illegal, deceitful or antisocial way as we determine.
    • You shall be prohibited to send any messages characterized by being racial or containing cursing and defamation or bad names, porn pictures or those characterized in general by being decadent.
    • The licenses granted by us shall terminate in case you don’t comply with these conditions of use or any conditions of another service.
  13. Third Parties
    • The third parties may assist us in providing our services, and the website release its legal responsibility for any direct or indirect, intentional or unintentional errors made by the third parties which provide services through the website.
    • Terms and conditions of third parties may be applied to the user, and these are not subject to our control and therefore the user must access to and agree on these policies before benefiting from the services provided by the third parties through us.
  14. Legal Liability
    • You shall be bound by all the laws and regulations in relation to your use of the site and shall incur all the liability arising from your breach of the laws and regulations also you shall be bound by all the terms and conditions provided for in this agreement.
    • You acknowledge your full legal liability in case of your breach of all the clauses provided for in this agreement and we shall be entitled to take all the actions against you including the suspension or cancellation of your membership or resorting to judiciary.
    • Each user is personally responsible for all the actions and activities which he carries out through the website, and the website will not be subsidiary or solidarity responsible of any users.
    • Each user is personally responsible in case he does not comply with the commitments imposed on him under these applicable terms or policies.
    • Each user is personally responsible in case he violates the laws applicable in the hotel’s country, and the website will not be subsidiary or solidarity responsible of any users.
    • The user shall bear the legal responsibility in case that he violates any of our rights under these terms and conditions, attacks on any of our rights , our ownership of the website or any of its elements.
    • The client shall bear all the legal responsibilities and compensations in case of providing fake purchase orders or misusing the services of the website in any way.
    • The client shall bear the legal responsibility in case of misusing the services which he obtains through the website.
    • The user shall bear the legal responsibility in case of offending the website in any website, application, social media, email or through any other means.
    • The user shall bear the legal responsibility in case of offending of any other person through the website, without original, subsidiary or joint responsibility on the website.
    • The user shall be bound to compensate us for all the damages to the website as a result of any illegitimate or unauthorized use by the user or any of his followers.
    • The user shall be bound to compensate us in case of offending us , the administration of the website, employees, partners, distributors, agents, our affiliates or any other person who belongs to Hotels Go website.
    • We reserve all our legal rights arising from this Agreement at any time, and that not using the right at a specific time does not mean to waive it at all other times.
    • You agree to compensate the site “Hotels Go” and to acquit its liability as well as defending it against all the actions and claims brought or claimed by third parties as a result of your use of site or due to the violation of these conditions and terms or the breach of the rights of the other users.
  15. Disclaimer of Liability
    • The site “Hotels Go” shall not be legally liable for losses or damages whatsoever that might arise from using this site including but limited to the direct and indirect damages.
    • The site “Hotels Go”, its officials and employees shall not be legally liable to you or to another party for any direct or indirect loss or any other cost that might arise from, in connection with the performance of this agreement or the provisions of our services.
    • The website does not provide any type of insurance or compensations to any of its users, advertisers or clients , and anyone who uses the website and its services at its own responsibility , and the website will not be responsible to face any of the users for any reason resulting from the use of the website or its services or apply our terms and policies.
    • The website is not responsible for any comments or content posted through it, or for any communications within or outside the website. Also the website is not responsible in any way for providing services inside hotels.
  16. Modifications and Cancellation
    • You know and agree that our services may be continuously amended or updated, and our terms, conditions and privacy policy may be amended, updated or added from time to time, and the site will not be obliged to notify any of its users, so you must review this agreement before any process you make through the site.
    • You agree to be bound by all the additional conditions and terms that will be made available to you in connection with the use of any of the services available via the site. These additional conditions and terms are attached to this agreement.
    • We shall be entitled at any time to cancel the terms and conditions or to replace them with another terms and conditions.
    • This agreement shall be deemed to have been automatically rescinded in case of your breach of our financial rights or causing legal problems to us or the parties to this agreement or to third parties or in case of your breach of any clause or paragraph of the terms and conditions of this agreement or in case of not documenting your information or suspension of the site activity. In all preceding cases, we shall be entitled to have judicially recourse against your under this agreement in case the cause of rescission is due to your breach of its provisions.
  17. Telecommunications and Notices
    • You agree on getting telecommunications from us and we will communicate with you via the mobile phone number, e-mail or through the other services of the site “Hotels Go”.
    • Any notices you like to send to the site “Hotels Go” must be sent through the features specified within the site. Any notices sent outside the site shall not be considered.
    • Any notices the site “Hotels Go” likes to send to you shall be either by publicizing them via the site or sending them to you via the mobile phone number or e-mail you provided us.
    • You are supposed to have known of the notice as soon as the notice is publicized via the site or with the lapse of 5 minutes from the time at which the message was sent to you.
  18. Governing Law
    • Saudi law shall govern the interpretation and the performance of all the terms of this agreement.
  19. Judicial Jurisdiction
    • Saudi judiciary shall be competent to decide any dispute arising in view of the interpretation or performance of any term of this agreement. In case of excluding any term of this agreement under a judicial decision, this shall not prevent the performance of the other provisions mentioned herein.
  20. Arabic Language
    • The language of the document is Arabic, and if it is translated into any other language, the Arabic text is applicable before all the official and unofficial bodies if the foreign translation conflicts with it.
  21. Contact Us
    • You can contact us through Email: customercare@hotelsgo.co